Susannah Habecker © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Susannah Habecker © 2009 All Rights Reserved


The Unknown   Meghan L. Martin
Mourning by Distance   Andrea England
Two Poems   Michael Spring
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Just After Seven   Connie Post
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Three Poems  Betsy Johnson-Miller
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Gush   Michelle Bonczek
From the Window, West Tisbury   Kate McCann
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On Good News

I always enjoy the opportunity to address our DMQ readers in the ether with the good news of each of our new releases, the contributors of art and poetry and ideas who keep us going. Each of us on the editorial team enjoy sharing thoughts here from time to time on aspects of writing and publishing that catch our attention in the hopes that we might be thinking about some of the same things you’ve been thinking about. And it gives you, our readers, the chance to know us a little better.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce some really good news regarding one of our DMQ editorial team, Jennifer K. Sweeney. After first winning this year’s Perugia Press Prize, her book How to Live on Bread and Music went on to receive the Academy of American Poets’ James Laughlin Award for a poet’s second book. Her title was selected by Robin Becker, Bob Hicok, and Afaa M. Weaver for this honor. We hope you take a look, order a copy, and share our happiness at Jennifer’s success. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Some more good news for the DMQ Review comes by way of a new member to our editorial team, Arlene Kim, our newest associate editor. We brought you two of her poems in our Spring issue and were so pleased when she subsequently accepted our invitation to join staff. You can look forward to her editorial sensibilities contributing to upcoming issues as well as our current release. Welcome, Arlene!

I have some of my own good news as well, the upcoming release of Her Name Is Juanita, a chapbook from Kore Press, and publication is always good news, no? Yes!

And, if any of you reside in the Seattle area, editor Marjorie Manwaring and I will be teaming up with fellow poet and former DMQ contributor Nicole Hardy for a three-way reading at Hugo House on October 1st, an honor indeed. Join us there and then for “So a Magician, a Blonde, and a Donkey Walk Into a Bar . . .” — a reading followed by Q/A.

Finally, we’re all pleased to bring you the many fine voices coupled with the wonderful images of artist Susannah Habecker in this our summer issue of the DMQ Review. We’re proud to include the new work of Sandra M. Gilbert, our featured poet. In collaboration with Peter Davis’ Poets Bookshelf, we also include her thoughts on books essential to her writing life.

Happy reading, writing, and last-days-of-summering!

Sally Ashton