may 2000

 Timothy Allen, copyright 2000

 Timothy Allen, copyright 2000



Gary D. Smith:  Strange Attractor
James Lineberger: This Rainman Out Of Snow
Ryan Able:  So My Girl
Haze McElhenny: Ten Years After
Sharon Olson: Two Poems
Josh Brees:  Necrocide
J. C. Watson:  Three Poems
Bess Kemp:  Two Poems
Robert Johnston: Thousand And One
Andrena Zawinski:  Two Poems
John Nettles: Two Poems
Dan Sicoli:  Two Poems
Martin Hickel: No One Famous
Kate Lutzner: Work
Cauline M. Holdren: Hyde



Guy Jean Genevier
Timothy Allen
Mike Hovancsek
Sheheryar Hasnain
Jim Hayes
Jeff Alu & S. Leese
Mike Hovancsek
Elaine Thomas

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