Michelle Kingdom © 2018

Michelle Kingdom © 2018


the small force of gravity


Two stars
(one hundred thousand miles apart)
dance in the shifting ellipse—
tethered, unknowingly, at their arcs.


by Matthew Gallivan

The motion of heavenly bodies


The stars have moved an inch
since I last fixed them
to the window
with a grease-pen.

A scopic hint of that dark eddy:
ready to be drawn
into the faltering eye;

that pinwheel of a million
brass bodies shuddering
into the night.
The stars have moved an inch

since we sat on cashel's edge
and watched the sky plume and curl
around the night's fingertips,
as they pinched the last light;

the half-bright flecks caught
in the amber of your eye;
the long light of a distant sun
ravelled in the dark

and strung across your lap
as the cloth of heaven
and a map
of the progression of the stars.





Matthew Gallivan is a Canadian poet, currently working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His most recent writing also appears in Northwords Now and the Summerset Review.