fall 2015

Old Light   Jamie Cattanach
Three Poems   Rajiv Mohabir
Three Poems  Jessica Goodfellow
Mazza’s Vignette #70   Darren Demaree
Two Poems   Doug Ramspeck
Clemency   James Brasfield
Tenant  Michael Lauchlan
The Edge of Things   Carol V. Davis
Two Poems  Jesse Minkert
Two Poems  Amber Nelson
Bukowski   Todd Follett
Eel River Delta  R.W. Poole
from Portraits of Imaginary Poets   Susan Cronin
Two Poems  Christine Richardson

Visuals by
Bea Garth 

BEA GARTH © 2015

BEA GARTH © 2015

from the ether


On Giving Thanks

For our contributors whose inspiring work fills each issue of DMQ Review

For our featured artists who open their vision and worlds to our editing and our poets’ words

For outgoing editor Todd Kaneko who gave our team his passion, talent, and gifted editorial insight for three years

For Mary Donnelly who brings back her talent, passion, and gifted editorial insight to the editorial team just when we needed her

For Bea Garth, this issue’s featured artist, whose images help celebrate the poems in our Fall 2015 issue with transcendence

For our unnamed webmaster who brings us to press issue after issue

For Anne Doe-Overstreet and Marta Svea, editors extraordinaire who continue to review submissions with care and generosity

For poets everywhere who, in the face of the world’s many madnesses, insist word by word the things that matter, the things that have always mattered, the things that continue to matter

For poetry, for life

And especially for our readers

For you

We give thanks

from the Ether,

Sally Ashton