fall 2011

Biomechanics   José Luis Gutiérrez
Two Poems   Sarah J. Sloat
Lightning Strike Kills Woman Just before Marriage      Laura Sobbott Ross
Two Poems   Carol Church
Two Poems  Rick Bursky
The Space Long-distance Occupies   Jami Macarty
Vissi D’Arte  Michael Salcman
Lunacy  Beverly Burch
Reunion  Jesse Minkert
Ecstatic in Blue #51    Darren C. Demaree
1964   Benjamin Cartwright
dissimilar collision   Mercedes Lawry
The Invisible   Karina Borowicz
self portrait 1pm    John Amen
Two Poems   Sara E Lamers
In the Multitude of Mercy   Peggy Aylsworth
Plaka, Athens   Michael Homolka
Shining   Arlene Ang


Visuals by 
Karen Kunc

Karen Kunc © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Karen Kunc © 2011 All Rights Reserved


from the ether


On Praise
        This is how we live on earth, a flock of sparrows. –Ilya Kaminsky

At the tired end of the year, it is good to let the mind, like the flock of sparrows it is, rest on the idea of praise, even for a short while. In this interlude I offer gratitude to DMQ editor Dean Rader who selected “Praise” by poet Ilya Kaminsky for our From the Archives selection. Rader’s suggestion and Kaminsky’s poem opened my mind’s window so I could lean out and draw a breath. Do take a moment and visit From the Archives yourself.

Speaking of windows, artist Karen Kunc’s remarkable images open windows of another kind, inviting the imagination to wander from image to word, and word to image.

Dean gets my appreciation, too, for putting together the timely online collection 99 Poems for the 99 Percent, a poem-a-day voice of political expression. It’s a good thing to have someone creating a venue for poets and their poems that seek to make sense of the times. Another place to visit.

I can never say enough for our entire editorial team who voluntarily spends their time to read and carefully consider the work sent our way and to bring together the fine poems it is our privilege to feature here. 

Before signing off I’d like to offer a last word of gratitude to retiring editor Jennifer Sweeney who leaves us this issue. She’s off to juggle the complex demands of motherhood, work, and the writing life. We thank her for her many invaluable contributions these past years to the editorial staff and the voice of DMQ Review.

And of course, where would we be without YOU our reader.

Until next time, may you find much to praise. 


Sally Ashton