august 2005

The Colonization of Dreams, Part I: The Border  
Sheila  Black
Famine   Ellen Elder
Montana   David Krump
Sortilege   Do Gentry
A Lengthy Convalescence   Do Gentry
The Pin Monkey   Matt Miller
Apocalypse Avenue  Oke Mbachu
(couldn’t be) saved more   Mark DeCarteret
Elegance of Surprise  Tamiko Beyer
Mementos   Pui Ying Wong
His Dresden Boots   Patrick Carrington
Our Time Figured   Chris Young
Morning’s Opal   Deema Shehabi

Featured Poet  Angela Ball

Visuals by 
Peter Davis 

Peter Davis © 2005 All Rights Reserved

Peter Davis © 2005 All Rights Reserved

from the ether


It’s a pleasure to recommend a terrific new book, Poet’s Bookshelf: Contemporary Poets On Books That Shaped Their Art, edited by Peter Davis (2005, The Barnwood Press). As the title indicates, Davis’ book is a collection of responses from some of America’s leading contemporary poets discussing the 5-10 books most essential to their development. Among the wide variety of poets included are Adrienne Rich, Bob Hicok, Charles Bernstein, Maxine Kumin, C. D. Wright, Dean Young, W.D. Snodgrass and Anselm Berrigan.

The DMQ Review is privileged to offer excerpts from Poet’s Bookshelf as a new regular feature. Each month we’ll reprint one poet’s thoughts on essential reading. This poet will in turn be the issue’s Featured Poet offering a selection of exciting new work!

Here’s what editor Peter Davis says about his Poet’s Bookshelf project:

I think I’m like most readers in that I discover good books mainly through one of two ways: either I get lucky and stumble across something I love, or I trust the word of someone—a friend, reviewer, teacher. When I began this book, I thought it might help with both ways. I think it does.

There is much good, weird luck to be found here due to the variety of poets and the variety of books they mention. And all things considered, who better to trust?

Reading is the foundation of all good writing. It’s our hope that the new feature provide you with inspired additions to your reading list. May you, as we have, make many fortunate discoveries.

By the way, Peter Davis is also our featured artist this issue as well as a former contributor (February, 2005). We are pleased to embark on this collaboration with him and regard it as another instance of “good, weird luck.”

And many thanks to Angela Ball, gifted writer and first DMQ Review featured poet.



Sally Ashton
Editor in Chief