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Bob Dornberg 2003


Let's say she has no fairy godmother,
let's say one of her stepsisters
really does manage to force
her foot into the glass slipper and triumphant
marries the bewildered prince.
Cinderella is left to gather the frayed
moments, clothing too worn for even
the needy, so I walk
away from the fairytale of ever-waiting
love rewarded with the prince
or any story of princesses who know love
is everlasting. In my arms
you were unable to say my arms,
my eyes, the lips you kissed
brought you to my arms, my eyes, the lips
you kissed and kissed, so the lost
slipper left by any Cinderella
so drunk on happiness she slips in her step
from the dance, fits any stepsister
who insists it's hers, and pushes hard enough.

Adrianne Kalfopoulou
Copyright 2003

Adrianne Kalfopoulou's first collection, Wild Greens, is published by Red Hen Press (2002). She has also published a chapbook, Fig, which won the chapbook contest from the Sarasota Poetry Theatre Press. Her poems have appeared various journals including Pavement Saw, 13th Moon, Room of One's Own, Atlanta Review and Whiskey Island.

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