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Bob Dornberg © 2003

Listen, Anna

Some might say we quit 'the old rugged cross'
long ago. Yet our faith ran dissident,

obscuring its strength like Apache trout
chased back to the exile of headwaters.

Down roads where they tried to trample your life,
you left old lovers to ruins they chose.

Yet we found words could run as quicksilver
down paths begging more steps than breath could give.

Anna, we came thirsty for miracles
knowing our fates would always take us back.

Jeffrey Alfier
Copyright © 2003

Jeffrey Alfier is a technical writer living in Schwedelbach, Germany. He is published in several journals including Adirondack Review, Columbia Review, Into the Teeth of the Wind, Penumbra­ the Art & Literary Annual of California State University at Stanislaus, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. His critique of James Dickey's poem, 'The Firebombing,' is forthcoming in The Explicator.

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