The DMQ Review

Copyright © 2002 Bob Dornberg

somewhere i have never travelled

          —after e.e. cummings

of all the places to see the eagles,
i find them alongside the river, white
heads shining in silence, winter light
keeping their upright love alert

the slightest glimpse of these two
unlatches my heart, clamped shut
during her operation, steeling myself
against the assault of spring, crocuses

rupturing yellow in muddy hospital beds
where life uncloses suddenly, not so carefully,
brave against fading winter snow and frost
this day i lost her, left her sprawling, tubed,

anaesthetized among this fragility of geese
lifting out of fields, stringing down
from flight to fill my morning with leavings
and goings, now these eagles shine

(i do not know what it is about this world
that opens me, i only understand that
something in me demands this blooming)
flying, the eagles circle my breathing

Colleen Webster
Copyright © 2002

Colleen Webster teaches college English. She has been published in print and on-line journals that include The Maryland Poetry Review, Poetry Midwest, ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature, and Re)verb.

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