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Copyright © 2002 Bob Dornberg

God is in the Details

You don’t want to try sneaking
into Wood County Landfill after dark
with your lights dimmed, blind
to ruts and potholes; and Sherlock’s
Baskerville Hound pacing inside
the chainlink fence.

Better just hand Charlie your ten
in daylight; let him point
his right arm-stump “Down that way.”
Bump your pickup there
to toss broken patio concrete
among the Jimsson weed and slimy
styrofoam, Pampers stinking
in hot Ohio sun.

Daylight, and gulls wheel in
from Lake Erie for puddled beer,
popcorn, condoms, candy wrappers,
swollen tampons, grapefruit green
with mold. You trudge among the asters’
blue annunciation, the harsh call of crows.
Everything you needed once
is here.

Sharon Kourous
Copyright © 2002

Sharon Kourous teaches high school English. Her work has been published in print and on the internet, and has won various awards.

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