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Obstructed by the Sun

I've canceled my appointments with the world,
to wash, wipe clean, clear and set away,
lifting a wineglass from the windowsill,
folding the guest bed, knocking mud from shoes;

each serving dish and doorknob, each pane of glass,
each placemat finds its place.
But the rooms jangle loose as pocket change.
The flowers, still fresh, look odd in the quiet air.

That bird we spotted was a jay. I looked
it up. Its blue must have been obstructed
by the sun. It's bright again today.
And too I've found an undershirt you missed....

No need to worry I'll be done too soon;
I can always dust the windowshades. This
is my life now, this is my house. And this is the rule
of the day: soapsuds, the baby, you on a plane.

Sarah Busse
Copyright © 2002

Sarah Busse is working towards her MFA at Bennington College. She has poems forthcoming in Diner Magazine

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