"Red Structure"  Copyright 2000 Kurt Nimmo

The Blind

We stood in a blind near the Oguchee,
knee deep in fog, gray as a sunken cloud.
With stocks butted to earth like any wood,
our gun barrels cut blue holes in morning.
Far specks at first, the flock banked our way
when Collinsworth's youngest cupped his hands
and called. The first mallard came in low
over the sawgrass, and still we waited
until his feet splayed and reached for water.
Wide-spread wings held him suspended
between there and here before he fell.
Close behind five more turned down, gliding
with uncontrollable cries, their arched heads
green as unbroken combers nearing shore.
The whole flock followed. Over and over
shotguns flared like massing stars;
the noise, the smoke, and through it all
young Collinsworth sat crying.

Neca Stoller copyright 2000

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