"Solange"  Copyright 2000 Haze McElhenny

I Sexualize Everything

I sexualize everything and everybody,
I sexualize me and you
I sexualize sleeping, skiing, skin-diving, skinny dipping.
I make every symbol into a sexual symbol:
Roots & flowers
Cigars & Caves.
I sexualize my penis, balls, semen, lips & hips.
I even sexualize sex,
And I think about sex constantly, invariably, uncontrollably.
I find everything about you sexy -
The way you floss
The way you put your finger inside you and inside me.
The way you reach down inside my pants and touch me.
I sexualize going to the movies, and eating eggplant sandwiches.
I sexualize reading:
Opening a book is always an erotic experience,
The greatest of aphrodisiacs.
The act of reading stirs up memories of my penis inside you,
And you around me.
Okay, you're thinking
I get the fucking point.
But I'm not sure you do
Because I haven't said it all yet,
Haven't explained that I don't find
Victoria's Secret sexy.
And if you're wearing a teddy or a camisole
I'll ask you to take it off and throw it away, or burn it
Because it turns me off,
Makes it impossible for me to get an erection,
Or even think about sex
And I think that maybe there's something wrong with me.
Driving a car isn't sexual for me either.
All cars are asexual, nonsexual, though some guys
Insist there's a connection between the car you drive and how
often You get laid.
But I don't believe them, never have, never will.
And death doesn't turn me on, either.
I've never fucked in a cemetery, or on a rave
And dead women don't excite me,
And holding power isn't a substitute for taking your breast in my
Mouth, or going down on you or having you kiss my neck.
And I don't want to be turned into a sex slave
Though I tried that.
But I want to sleep sex, eat sex, be sex,
Have sex in secret, in the dark,
Without mirrors or satin sheets,
Just skin
Your skin, my skin
Skin to skin
Sexy, sexy, skin.

Jonah Raskin copyright 2000

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