David Alpaugh’s first collection, Counterpoint, won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize and was published by Story Line Press. His work has appeared in over fifty literary magazines, journals and anthologies, including Poetry, Exquisite Corpse, The Formalist, and ZYZZYVA. He is the author of two chapbooks (The Edge and Slow Burn for Ozymandias, both from Coracle Books) and a selection of his poems entitled The Greatest Hits of David Alpaugh is forthcoming from Pudding House as part of their Gold Chapbook Series. A graduate of Rutgers University and the University of California, Berkeley, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he runs Small Poetry Press, a chapbook-design and printing service for self-publishing poets. He also teaches poetry writing and appreciaton at the University of California Berkeley Extension in Walnut Creek.

Len Anderson Len Anderson is a poet and physicist who lives in Santa Cruz, California. His work has recently appeared in Bellowing Ark, Sarasota Review of Poetry, The Montserrat Review and Quarry West. He is a winner of the Dragonfly Press Poetry Competition and the Mary Lonnberg Smith Poetry Award.

Ben Bennani is a poet, translator, editor, and professor of Comparative Literature at Truman State University. He also loves to cook, dance, and play cards.

Jennifer Swanton Brown grew up in Palo Alto, California, where her first poem was published in a local newspaper when she was in the fifth grade. She has degrees in Linguistics, German, and Nursing, and has worked in hospitals, a hospice, and for the medical device industry. Brown currently works with her husband in their technical and medical writing business. She has studied poetry for the last 20 years, but is just beginning to publish her work. She lives in Cupertino, California with her family.

Grace Butcher, after 25 years, is a retired professor (emeritus) of English at Kenth State University, Geauga Campus. She is also the founder and editor of The Listening Eye literary magazine. Her poems appear in The Best American Poetry 2000 and have appeared in various magazines since the mid-60s. Ms. Butcher's most recent book, Child, House, World, won the Ohio Poet of the Year award for books published in 1991. Other books in print are Rumors of Ecstasy...Rumors of Death and Before I Go Out Out On The Road. Visit her website at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/3716 .

Sharon Carter earned her medical degree from Cambridge University and immigrated in 1979. Her artwork appears in the poetry journals of Spindrift, Raven Chronicles, and Switched-on Gutenberg. Chiyo's Corner, a journal of haiku and free verse has also published several pieces of her art. A series of nine digital prints about her father was shown at the Amy Burnett gallery in Bremerton, Washington.

Susan Dee Cummins explains that her paintings are created from washes consisting of watercolor or a combination of watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. They are painted on 100% cotton rag paper. After the paint process, she study the flow of the colors to visualize the best direction for the tearing, much as one would study the block of wood to see what is waiting to be carved. View a larger selection of her work here.

Stanley Gemmell's poems have appeared in The Alembic, Providence College Literary Journal, Urban Spaghetti, InPosse Review, and The Rush-Ins Reader. He tells us he likes to read Eugenio Montale and Jaques Derrida. His website is at http://scroll.to/surlsone

Rikken Hansen says he was introduced to art through photography at age 15. Photography remained an off-and-on hobby until three years ago, when it blossomed into a second vocation. His primary work is career counseling, which he has done for the last fourteen years. Rikk lives in a small town nestled within the pines of the Southern Yosemite area. For more information, visit his website .

Andrew Hornischer studies at art academies in Freiburg, Mannheim, Vienna and Frankfurt/Main. He travels in Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean. In 1997 he founded the art-project "amoeba" http://www.amoeba-online.de working in various media -- paintings, digital imaging, sculpture, texts, performances and art events.

Richard Jackson and his wife Jill spend as much as six months a year traveling the world in search of wildlife in its natural habitat. In college, Richard majored in zoology with a minor in photography, and for the last 23 years has made his living showing his work at art exhibitions and galleries around the Western United States. Jill and Richard make their home in the Santa Ana Mountains and are currently working on a book on the Natural History of Orange County. For more information, please visit their website

Rain Jordan is a relatively young neo-feminist woman who still likes men, likes having doors held open for her, and gladly holds doors open for others--men and women alike. She has very strong ideas and, as a result, a pretty strong back.

Esther Kamkar was born in Iran. She came to the USA in 1972 after a 7 year stay in Israel. She lives and works in Palo Alto. Esther's work has been published in the Bellowing Ark, the Monserrat Review, and Fresh Hot Bread.

Dorianne Laux is the author of three collections of poetry: Awake (1990), What We Carry (1994)--finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award--and Smoke (2000), all from BOA Editions. She is also co-author, with Kim Addonizio, of The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry (W.W. Norton, 1997) which has been chosen as an alternative selection by Book of the Month Club, Quality Paperbacks and Writer's Digest. Among her awards are a Pushcart Prize for poetry and a fellowship from The National Endowment for the Arts. Recent poems have appeared in The Harvard Review, The Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Best American Poetry 1999. Her poetry can also be heard on National Public Radio's "The Writer's Almanac," hosted by Garrison Keillor. Laux is an Associate Professor and works at the University of Oregon's Program in Creative Writing.

Haze McElhenny of UrbanDecay.Org is a professional artist of digital and traditional media from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She is also co-editor of ThunderSandwich.Com, and is Pennsylvania Charter President for the Women's Art Recognition Movement. Her work has appeared in various web journals and in numerous galleries and exhibitions in the U. S. and abroad.

Kurt Nimmo is a photographer, writer, musician, and artist based in Chicago.

Dianne Poinski lives in Sacramento with her husband and two children. hand tinting black & white photographs has become her primary way of becoming quiet and grounded in a very hectic world. She has also found that the subject matter of her photographs has started echoing these feelings of peace and solitude. Her work has been published by Bentley House Fine Art Publishers and is available at various Northern California Art Festivals and through her website .

Jonah Raskin is the author of Jonah Raskin's Greatest Hits: Poems 1994-1998 and For the Hell of It: The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman. He teaches at Sonoma State University.

Renato Resaldo has poems both in English and Spanish published or forthcoming in Many Mountains Moving, Borderlands, Puerto del Sol, Bellowing Ark, Ventana Abierta, The Texas Observer, La Luna, Marenostrum, Bilingual Review/Revista bilingüe, and What Have You Lost? (an anthology edited by Naomi Shihab Nye). As a cultural anthropologist he is the author of Culture and Truth.

Gary Short has been a Stegner Fellow at Stanford and a resident of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. He is the author of Theory of Twilight and a second book of poems, Flying Over Sonny Liston, which won the Western States Book Award. He is from Nevada and currently teaches at Old Dominion University in Virginia. He has been on the staff of the Foothill Writers Conference and the Art of the Wild Conference.

Jim Standish recieved a BA at New York University and an MA at Berkeley. Now retired, for thirty years he was a computer programmer in biomedical research. His poems and translations have appeared in several publications including The Montserrat Review, Kauri, Tundra, and Zapizdat.

Neca Stoller has poems published in various magazines, including Recursive Angel, ZuZu's Petals, Snakeskin, Perihelion, 2 River, Ygdrasil, and The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks. Her first volume of poetry, Bound By Red Clay, was published in 1999 by DeeMar Communications. Her second volume, Piedmont Stubble, is scheduled for release by Street Saint Publications in the summer of 2000. She has also written How to Write Haiku, released by Street Saint Publications in March, 2000.

Leo Yankevich's poems have appeared in many American and British journals and he has been nominated for Pushcart three times. Leo founded the Mandrake Poetry Review in 1993. He lives in Poland with his wife, three sons, and two guinea pigs. Leo has an M.A. in Slavic Literatures.

Louise Whitney's poems have been published in many journals, magazines and anthologies.

Jim Zola lives in North Carolina with his wife, three kids, dog, and close companion Myrtle the Turtle. He works in a library.

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