"Waterloo"  Copyright 2000 Haze McElhenny

Primal Sympathy

Sexually deprived people are either the giants of the earth
or its vermin.
Jebra Ibrahim Jebra

Yesterday departs on the back of day
without a trace of itself, without a
nod of acknowledgment. The stains on

your satin sheets, the yellow ones
you mail-ordered from Sears, bludgeon
your maleness. When you come you cry

instead, then weep and sob; she holds
you like a crucifix. You sob some more
then convulse in her interlocking arms

and legs. She turns over like the final
mile in your odometer.Your spine arches
and rises as your pearly syllables

cascade on her. She muffles: Iím your
kite; youíre my string; youíre
the angel-beast every woman worships

secretly. You grab her mane and concur.
You kiss the back of her neck.
You fall asleep on a pyre of ashes.

Ben Bennani copyright 2000

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