"Canyon de la Fuega"  Copyright 2000 Susan Dee Cummins

Night Ghazal

My love and I and the golden poppies sleep covered by the night,
And this deep field of stars is also covered by the night.

I catch sight of her beauty and she asks, So whom do you love?
Only you, I answer, only day, only night.

In our sleep the redwood tree and I trade dreams:
It flies an airplane; I am carried by dark winds through the night.

The frogs and crickets and I know each other well,
We listen to each others' love calls late in the night.

All day I work hard to pay off my debts;
Only one grows deeper -- my debt to the night.

Friends, sages tell us to prepare for death;
I say, I'm doing all I can -- I practice every night.

Len Anderson copyright 2000

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