The DMQ Review

Bob Dornberg © 2003

Chasing the Tornado

Even the dainty ones, dancing in multiples,
undulate like Shiva the Destroyer's arms!

So I don't fault others when they run and hide
and I don't need their company
though I admit it gets lonely, out here on the wet roads,
hurtling toward the commonplace mirages.

The vistas tire me. They are flat, monotonous.
The constant scanning of them hurts my eyes.

Even in perfect conditions—
when ions buzz and lights zip
and the magnificent supercell draws near—
nothing may happen

or nothing more unusual than low rumbling and hard rain.

You can't coerce a quirk of vapor into being,
you can only keep ready, keep watch,
notice the corn, where it's cut through,

the purple cloud withdrawing its fine blade.

Kate Bernadette Benedict
Copyright © 2003

Kate Bernadette Benedict's publication credits include print journals such as Slant, Rhino, ELF, Thema, and The American Voice, and online journals such as The Cortland Review and Perihelion. Her chapbook Carnal Beauty is published online by The New Formalist. Kate lives in New York City where she has worked in book publishing and finance.

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