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The Arachnid's Complaint

Consider the spider,
one willowy leg in this world,
& one in the next.
I'm not usually this forward, it purrs,
straddling the cosmos:
an engine pleased at the work
going on inside.
Consider those things unthought of
for good reason:
the bullet-sized body,
webbed-up corners.
These days of this month with my moon
in the seventh house
the books all say
I've got a right to be aggressive,
to put my needs ahead
of the needs of others,
to take all those chances
normally left untook.
In what shabby state
will I reach the next world?
Consider the spider,
its skeleton on the outside
as if holding together
were the last thing
on its mind. Tomorrow
I promise to be good,
to think first of what comes next,
that what I've done equals
what I'll get & I'll consider
the spider's quiet lament,
thin wails spun
over its misspent youth,
its thousands of siblings
all crushed or swallowed
or lost to the breeze.

Nathan Pritts
Copyright © 2002

Nathan Pritts received his MFA from Warren Wilson College and is working toward his Ph.D. at the University of Louisiana. His poems have appeared in Rattle, The Evansville Review, Bad Subjects, Drought, and Hellbent, a chapbook from Lazy Frog Press.

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