They say that good things come in small packages. What they don't always mention is that there are infinite numbers and types of small packages, that inside each small package may wait an incredible array of still more subtle gifts, and that those are often filled with powerful songs and whispers for their recipients. By way of the work of the nine poets in this issue, we are pleased to present what we believe are gifts of such a generous sort.

From the perfectly understated yet clear night vision and listening of Robley Wilson and Jane Hirshfield, to the lush lyricism -- reminiscent of yet somehow more at ease than Crane -- of Garth Greenwell, through the confidently minimalistic work of Glenda Cooper, Tom Fugalli, and Nick Flynn, we believe this rather small issue offers its readers the fullest of packages. Keep opening.

C. J. Sage
Managing Editor
Disquieting Muses

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