"Red Jellyfish"  Copyright 2001 Dancing Bear

Psychopharmaceutical Variations

20 mg.
What is the brain?
The neural net of a synapse ship trolling for jellyfish.
Why is it trolling for jellyfish?
They have been choking the moats of sandcastles.

30 mg.
What is the brain?
A nautical map in a burning bottle.
Why is the bottle burning?
It is a lighthouse.

40 mg.
What is the mind?
Chalice of pristine sins.
What are the sins?
Moon in the pond.

30 mg.
What is the brain?
A jellyfish choking in a bottle.
Why does the jellyfish choke?
The lighthouse is made of sand.

20 mg.
What is the brain?
A bottled ship trolling the moats of sandcastles.
Why is it trolling the moats?
To net the synapse map of the burning Nautilus.

Tom Fugalli
Copyright 2001

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