"Alone in a Crowd"  Copyright 2001 James Shadle

The Tree's Advice to its Seedling: About Light, About Birds

Open your hands, now. Let them be flat.
Let them be glad. Let the halls and cells
be opened to receive the King.
In the night: wait. In the shade: wait.
Also, the moon will come, with its cold stale.
There are those moments. But they will leave you.
The King will not leave you.
From time to time there will come the small bumpers,
the birds. They are welcome.
They will push you, they will scrape you,
they will brush against you.
They will lock you with their sharp things.
Some of them will hammer you.
They are in a hurry: we are not in a hurry.
They will bring sticks, and lay them on your arms,
and sit on them. We think perhaps
it is a form of worship. Perhaps the sticks
are their King.
In the daytime: steer. In the night: store.
Remember: always steer towards the King.

Ellery Akers
Copyright 2001
Reprinted from Pequod

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