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So Much In The Way
            O Memory, Your trees are blossoming against the sky. It almost seems to be snowing. - Yves Bonnefoy

I dream you
cutting tracks across me
with the wide weave
of snowshoes. Thinly, thinly
a path takes shape. You wander
in circles. Distance, I want
explained, isnít the answer. Simply
the sweep, hush of each
single step. The horizonís place
remains, waiting
for sun and settling. Understand

I lie flat now, having settled
into this new shape, having wept
from the sky. Eventually you grow
cold. Your circles narrow until
you are a straight line moving
across my expanse.
I wake

when persuasion is complete.
Everything gone
white. You have unlaced
your shoes, hung the wools
to dry. The world is thickly
muffled. All shapes lie. A barrel
forgets it is a barrel.
The wind becomes
a figure. You

forget as well, leaving me
with palms of snowflakes, pages
of words and this long space
no one walks.


Kelsea Kluane Smith
Copyright © 2004

Kelsea Kluane Smith received her MFA in poetry in 2003. She was a finalist for the 2002 Ruth Lily Fellowship, and is winner of the 2003 John Haines Poetry Award. She is currently a teacher in northern Alaska.

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