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Beautiful my tanned hand

Beautiful my tanned hand upon the page —
gray pen angled over thumb, under index, over
middle finger. Eye admires what it sees and sees
more than we admire so, I look at my comforter
rising like Mont Blanc above my knees and the heap
of yesterdays shirt and pants convoluted as a Kraken
at the foot of my bed. The bed sits four-cornered as
the earth before Columbus set off on his roundabout
way. Now my simple shuttered windows rise like the
stained glass of cathedrals and my heart unclenches,
loving even the pane with the elegant web where
the spider sucks on her morning fly.

Nils Peterson
Copyright 2004

Nils Peterson is Professor Emeritus at San Jose State University where he taught creative writing and Shakespeare for thirty-eight years. He has published poems, stories, and essays on subjects ranging from golf to Shakespeare. He has a chapbook entitled Here Is No Ordinary Rejoicing and a collection of poems, The Comedy of Desire. He lives in Campbell, California.

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