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Rejection Letter from Gertrude Stein

Dear Poet Dear Author Dear Someone:

We are pleased very pleased
To regret sir.
Regret to inform you the list for
Talents selected not you dear.
So many many and many
Many talents not you dear.
Received many fine not you.
Thank you extremely fine thank you.
Keep us in mind please keep us.
Please keep
Your submission in mind.
Entries so fine many fine
Winners selected not you.
Not you. Not quite
What we need
At this time not quite.
Keep in mind best of luck next time.
Editors wish you this guideline.
Best of selected regret.
Not chosen you were not able.
We inform our regret.
We reject your receive.
We receive we regret. Inform you we do.
We do as we do.
Today: To do: Donít forget.
Difficult choice we regret.
Space an issue werenít able. Limited
Space unable.
Accept this issue.
Our complimentary
Gift to you.
Letterpressed gift in which you
Do not appear we regret you.
We regret to reject with respect
Please accept. Do
Not not accept
This reject
If you do
If you do
With respect
With respect
We reject you.


Marjorie L. Manwaring
Copyright © 2004

Marjorie L. Manwaring lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Diner, 5 AM, and Seattle Review, and she teaches poetry in the schools.

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