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Submission and Award Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in The DMQ Review. We are interested in finely crafted poetry regardless of style or school, although only very seldomly will autobiographical narratives attract our interest. For a few hints about our editors' preferences, visit our staff page after reading the following guidelines.

Poetry Submissions:

We read only email submissions. Poems should be pasted as plain text (no html) into the body of the message only; do not send attachments. Please submit up to three poems, put your name in the subject line of the email and include a brief bio with your submission. We often respond within four weeks. If you do not receive a decision within eight weeks, please feel free to send a note of inquiry. As a matter of respect and basic courtesy we will never knowingly neglect to respond to submissions made following our guidelines, so if you don't hear from us it may mean that your submission, or our response, was lost in transmission. Important: Copy and include the following permission statement with your submission.

I guarantee that the work I am submitting is my own original poetry. I guarantee that this work has never been published electronically or in print, and that it has not been accepted for publication elsewhere. I understand and agree that The DMQ Review acquires first serial rights for poetry and I offer The DMQ Review first serial rights on the work I am submitting; I agree that if The DMQ Review accepts my work for publication, first publication acknowledgement to The DMQ Review will appear with the work in any subsequent publications. I understand and agree that poems published in The DMQ Review shall not be published elsewhere before or within a period of three months from their DMQ Review release date. I give The DMQ Review the right to publish and archive accepted work. I understand that The DMQ Review presents poems and visual art together and I grant The DMQ Review permission to present my work with art of the editors' choosing.

The DMQ Review receives first serial rights to the poetry it publishes. Reprint rights revert to the author three months after the first day of publication in The DMQ Review. This means that the author of a work is then free to have it republished elsewhere, as long as 1) other publishers do not require first rights AND 2) those publishers credit the work's first publication in The DMQ Review.

The DMQ Review does not consider submissions of previously published poetry. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, so long as you tell us that the poem is under consideration elsewhere and let us know immediately if and when it gets accepted elsewhere. Upon DMQ's notification of acceptance of simultaneously submitted work, you must immediately withdraw that work from consideration elsewhere.

Send submissions to

The Muses Award

Each November we will award a $100 prize for the best poem of the year to first appear in The DMQ Review. No entry fee is required and no special entry process is necessary. Our editors will select a winner from all poems first published in the magazine. To be eligible, contributors must simply adhere to all regular submission guidelines as outlined on our Submission Guidelines page, and, if using a pen name, include their legal name with the submission. Previously published poems are ineligible for the award. Following these same guidelines, The DMQ Review also nominates six poems per year to The Pushcart Prize. Good luck!

Visual Art Submissions:

Please send a working URL where we may view samples of your work. Mail to Please include the following permission statement with your email:

I guarantee that the work I am submitting is my own and that I own the copyrights.
I give The DMQ Review permission to publish and archive said work
electronically, and to republish the work in a future print or CD version of the issue in
which the work appears, or in a future DMQ Review anthology, if such a project should occur.
I understand that The DMQ Review presents poems and visual art together
and I grant The DMQ Review permission to present my work with poetry
of the editors' choosing.

If your work is accepted for publication we will ask you to provide a clean .jpg copy via email, approximately 3-4 inches high.

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