The DMQ Review

Gary Palmer © 2003

While Traveling

While traveling from one silence to another
may we continue to follow the hummingbird of flame
born of the stillness underneath our orphanage
and of the ash and tears in our hair
and the few words remaining today.

May its slender tongue pierce the black seam
behind our eyes, capsizing our little fishing boat
loaded with the rare and unnamed
we devour and without prayer.

May its brief song, cast from the end
of the branch along the El Camino Real,
cast from nowhere to no one in particular,
may this song pierce our already forgotten moment,
gather us from one depth that we might begin
translating our selves into another depth
which begins when we begin to suture
the torn red seam bleeding underneath our voice
and intentional indifference.

And if we can touch, let us embrace
and thus articulate the invisible bones between us,
resurrect our own air
because the 10,000 skies depend upon this
and so too, the one blue sky.

Robert S. Pesich
Copyright © 2003

Robert S. Pesich is an associate editor for The Montserrat Review. New work is forthcoming in The Bitter Oleander and ALBATROSS. His chapbook, Burned Kilim, was published by Dragonfly Press in Summer, 2001. He works as a research associate studying the genetics of cancer.

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