The DMQ Review

Gary Palmer © 2003

Mr. Collins Uncovered

     "Absence had... weakened her disgust of Mr. Collins."
                              —Jane Austen

As figurines, X's intent arranges
Us in squiggles of vowel and consonant,
Played in a "now," until the holy Ganges
Of narrative set forth by her is spent.
Our stories done, I imagine a reader
Covering us, to now play with real lives.

Not made of sterner stuff, always a bleeder,
A weakling, a fly stuck on a pin who writhes
In a scene — that's who I think you think I am.
Perhaps I really can't live in your world,
But in my first steps beyond these leaves I am
Comforted by my discomfiture of cold
Beyond the fold of the page, that structured square
That stifles me from breathing clearer air.

S.D. Lishan
Copyright © 2003

S.D. Lishan teaches in the English Department at The Ohio State University. His work has recently been published in XConnect, In Posse Review, Mudlark, Barrow Street, Kenyon Review, ForPoetry.Com, La Petite Zine, Bellingham Review, Arts & Letters, American Literary Review, Verse Daily, muse-apprentice-guild, among others.

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