The DMQ Review

Gary Palmer © 2003

Lilith in Spring

Moss patches the oak with green
distraction, shivering beards where
crotch meets undressed limb,
forever considering contagions

in the clouds. Is your leaf carpet
shagged with frost? Your acorn
mound rubbled under snow panties,
the underblush one confesses

to the curb? Winter's leavings
break sorrows that squall
like naked shoulders to no natural sun.
Fall, freezefall, thaw: spilled seed

crushes Sanseoy and Samongelof
on the cusp of spring. The sky
vows to be your weather forever,
it is yours, it loves you, pet it,

it wants to sniff your ice. Crocuses
spear the garden with surprise.
Strike the sleeping stems like lips
with one finger-debris of winter,

born and half-born, passing and past,
lilim puffing the whirlwinds and dying
down the pale, a little stunned
declension merely, then dust.

Rhoda Janzen
Copyright © 2003

Rhoda Janzen teaches creative writing at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. She has recently appeared in The Yale Review, The Gettysburg Review, American Literary Review, and Borderlands.

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