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The Revealed

We lived for so long in the stolid shade
of the forest that when the trees were swept
away we were surprised by the light
and what we saw, the way our breath
made caravans of clouds in the air,
the smoke that rose from our bodies
as we did our work, the blur of birds
flying back and forth, looking for
their homes, and most surprising of all,
the patterns we made on the ground
as we did the simplest things: the arc
of the knife, the thrust of the spear,
the long dark trail of ancient fear.

Thomas Wooten
Copyright © 2002

Thomas Wooten has published fiction in The Alabama Literary Review, The Georgia Review and The Quarterly. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Adirondack Review, the Birmingham Poetry Review, Poem, Poetry Motel, Rattle, the Red River Review, Snow Monkey, Three Candles, and 3rd Muse.

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