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From the Editor
Poetry has its Reward


Naming the Hurricane   Julia Alter
The Pieces that Fall to Earth   Kay Ryan
A Carbon-based Life Form  Jane Hirshfield
This Was Once A Love Poem   Jane Hirshfield
Sleep   Jane Hirshfield
The Absence of a Heart Leaves an Hourglass Shape  Christine Boyka Kluge
The Alphabet in Feminine   Jean Meriam
Bird in the House: A Wife's Tale   Glenda Cooper
If not for Birds   Joseph Keller McNeilly
In Tandem   Ruth Smith
Tree  Richard Jones
Who Speaks for this Man  Sebastian Levy
Through the Window   Roger Pfingston
Pent-up Loonacy   Norman Ball
The Girl Whose Curly Brown Hair   Elaine Thomas
Impetus   Kathleen Lynch


Wilfried Gabriel
Beside Herself
Life Ball

Guy Jean Genevier

Rain Jordan
Church Palm
Flower Back
Step Up

Wassily Kandinsky
Autumn in Bavaria

Galina Lukshina
Self Portrait
Spring Night

Franz Marc
Fighting Forms

Haze McElhenny

Elaine Thomas
Black Sky
Green Window
Little Fluffy Clouds
Yucca by Window

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