The DMQ Review

Sharon Hudson 2003

On the Road to Hana


How aboriginal I am in grief.
I haunt the places we loved,
Pray like a pilgrim at roadside shrines,
Seek some sign, however tenuous.

In the safe: A last to-do list
(As if these were household chores),
Also a prewritten obituary,
And a special note which said,

"Look for me at the Jodo Temple,
Where Buddha watches every sunset.
Or that little church on Ke`anae,
Where we napped by the crashing waves."

I am terrified that I’ll walk alone
Among the tombstones and golden lilies,
Fall asleep beneath the rattling
Screw pines, and dream of no one.

Jim Willis
Copyright 2003

Jim Willis has an M.A. from Tulane in English and 2 years toward a Ph.D. at The University of North Carolina but has worked for the past 15 years as the director of a chemical dependency treatment center in a hospital in Tacoma, WA. He has published in The Tulane Review and will have poems coming out in Ekphrasis.  He is working on a collection of poems about Hawaii to be titled The Darwin Point.

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