The DMQ Review

Sharon Hudson 2003



A ghost waits with his bag of bones,
    curled on the warm coral reef. This is all he has to cling to,
    a remnant of a life he'll soon forget.

The cranberry dawn feathers over the ocean line
    just before submitting to the oncoming chuff
    of wind — the carousel swirling in violently.

He knows it's coming. He comprehends the gulls'
    cawing rumors, the breathy moans of the dead
    already caught in its winded drift. He is new to dying—

six days ago, he wrapped his bones in a satchel
    and ducked in the stone alcoves that riddle the shore,
    scrawling desperate tropes on the rocks.

And now, he waits; the bones, potential anchors,
    thus he forget those tangible days, the body, the breath of sun
    when dappled through the elbows of oak and pine.

Richard C. Williams
Copyright 2003

Richard C Williams currently resides in New York City.  He is editor of the poetry journal Pierian Springs, and a graphic artist.  Some of his latest publications include: Paumanok Review, Oyster Boy Review, Jones Ave, Adirondack Review, Pedestal Magazine, Eleven Bulls, Miller's Pond, Red River Review, Three Candles, Recursive Angel, and 3rd Muse, among others.

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