The DMQ Review

Sharon Hudson 2003

A Lamb Births a Tigress


She mirrored her kind at birth,
fuzzy cream and soft-nosed.
She grazed greens with her mother.
Like her mother's mother before her,
she learned to drink last, freeze
for steel inside the shrinking wire.

But exposed to wolves and snakes, to horns
of rams and mountain goats, she sheds
her fleece. Dark stripes tattoo
her back, the balding underbelly,
criss-cross her flattening face.

Pupils elongate, yellow
as she studies night's creatures,
masters her escape. With new fangs,
she tastes meat, life on her tongue.
Grown claws rip crawlers to shreds,
zigzag fur and flesh. She returns

to scent the earth under the tree
where her mother rests.
Her roar scatters circles of wolves,
the ruling rams and goats, while her sister
lifts brown eyes
from a patch behind barbwire.

Alba Cruz-Hacker
Copyright 2003

Alba Cruz-Hacker was born in the Dominican Republic, and resides in Southern California with her husband and three children. She is completing a BA in Creative Writing- Poetry and plans to attend an MFA program. Some of her recent work appears in the on-line journal Can We Have Our Ball Back.

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