"Durer Pillows"  Copyright 2000 Darin Boville


I had a little boy, an infant.
It was my job to ready him
for manhood.  Once,
after a long day together,
I bathed him.  My hands
wrapped under the subtle jaw,
lifted his chin, then pressed
his face past the surface
of the gray water.
He fought me,
so I closed my eyes tight,
held the back of his neck,
and smashed  his face
against the tub's bottom.

My wife came in and asked
what happened to the boy.
I told her he was tired
and getting cranky, so I put him
down to sleep. My wife ran
a finger through the spots of
pink-gray water on my forehead,
questioned my honesty.  I told her
not to worry, that I'd take care
of everything.  She reminded me
that I always said that,
to lock the doors, and to shower
before coming to bed.

Copyright 2000  David Daniel Stone
All Rights Reserved

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