"Split"  Copyright 2000 Rain Jordan


My husband found my grandmother in the yard today.  She was fully feathered and
hopping around.  The guidebook said that she was a fledgling and even though she
couldn't fly she wasn't supposed to be in the nest.  We had placed her in a cardboard
box with an old piece of black velvet.  She closed her eyes and waited until the
frantic cries of her parents came through the open window.  She started peeping.
The guidebook said that her parents still fed and cared for her even though she was
too big to be in the nest. I took her outside.  According to the guidebook, this was
natural.  Fledglings have to learn to take care of themselves.  I watched as she
hopped out past the stepping-stones and to the foot of the oak tree in the front
yard.  Her wings were outstretched and she looked like she'd probably be flying
anytime.  Black fur blurred past and she was gone. Across the yard by the neighbor's
house a cat held her, lifeless, in his teeth.  Goodbye, Grandmother.  Again.

Copyright 2000  Adrienne Lee
All Rights Reserved

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