"Tube"  Copyright 2000 Ted Williams

I Go Bowling

        to feel sloppy and unimportant,
to remember to forget that I'm
overeducated and hypercritical.
Tonight I will simply
heave a plastic sphere down the waxed lane
and clear out ten wooden bottles
again and again. I join
unknown men easy in their paunches,
easy as the amber liquid
sliding down their tilted beer glasses.

I interrupt my game at any time:
to watch the woman in the next lane,
haunting valley of her breasts
highlighting the V of her halter;
to watch some pock-faced kid drop
dollar after dollar into the pinball machine
as he spanks the flippers
in a blizzard of passion.

Tonight my life will be transformed!
I'll be rewarded for knocking things down.
The letter 'X' will no longer mean
crossed-out  or rejected 
but instead  faultless on the first shot.

Copyright 2000  Joel Katz
All Rights Reserved

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