Darin Boville   is an emerging artist in his mid-thirties. He has been exhibiting since 1985, had his first solo exhibit in 1987, and since 1996 has been devoting particular attention to the World Wide Web. His work can be seen at www.darinboville.com and at many other sites, including the August 1999 "Disquieting Muses." His work is in private collections across the United States. He holds a graduate degree from Harvard University, and lives outside of Washington, DC.

Graham Catt   is a South Australian writer of  poetry and short fiction. His work has been published in numerous magazines and journals around Australia, and has appeared on both radio and the Internet. He is a member of Adelaide's long established Friendly Street Poets, where he reads regularly. He is currently working on a first collection of poems, as well as a series of short stories.

Alexander C. Danner's   poetry has previously appeared in Lynx Eye and the e-zine Dust on Our Palms.  He has twice been awarded first place in Lehigh University's Williams Prize for Writing -- for poetry in 1996 and for drama in 1998.  He is the poetry editor and co-founder of Shades of December, a small press literary magazine.  By day, he is a New Media Producer (aka: an editor with a few extra responsibilities and a hoity-toity title) with a company specializing in educational multimedia products on Information Technology topics.

Justin Evans   is a graduate of Southern Utah University with a degree in History.  He currently resides in  rural Nevada where he teaches government, history, English and Creative Writing.  He has been published in the Kolob Canyon Review, Touchstones, The Poet's Corner, and will be a featured poet in the September 2000 issue of Poetic Voices.

J. N. Foster  writes:  "My work is digital photography, using ordinary 110 cameras and using the scanner itself as a camera, [to achieve] dreamy
soliloquies and dreamy textures in my work. More of my work can be seen on my website: www.angelfire.com/mo2/jeffoster/index.html.  I am influenced by the czeck photographer Jan Saudek. I have been featured in several online galleries, including Empyrios, Avenue and Infiniterace.  My work is available for purchase (contact at jpk@asde.net). I live in the midwest with my wife and daughter."

Michaela A. Gabriel   lives in Vienna, Austria where she holds the position of "web producer"-- a job that is demanding but also satisfying.  Michaela has been published in several magazines both in print and online, including Savoy Magazine, The Horsethief's Journal, The Green Tricycle,  Niederngasse (both english and german) and Mentress Moon.  Since october 1999, she has been editor of the german issue of Poetry Niederngasse.

Mike Hovancsek   writes:  I work in a large variety of media formats, including photography, writing, music, and video.  My work is based on the principles of cognitive processing.  I am interested in using these methods to increase the psychological impact that my work has on the audience.  I also address a lot of social /psychological / political issues about the human form in my work.  I am especially interested in creating abstract images that require the viewer to question conventional ways of viewing the body.

Rain Jordan  is a relatively young neo-feminist woman who still likes men, likes having doors held open for her, and gladly holds doors open for others -- men and women alike. She has some very strong ideas and, as a result, a pretty strong back.

Joel Katz   was born in Massachusetts and grew up various places in the Northeast. He attended college in Philadelphia, then moved to California in the early 1970's. He currently works as a computer systems analyst in Silicon Valley. His work has previously appeared in West Wind Review and Fresh Hot Bread.

Adrienne Lee   is a student at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama where she currently works in the reference department of the University Library.  She is married to a human but remains madly in love with her miniature dachshund who can shut doors, give you a high five and
also fight crime in his spare time.  Her poetry has recently appeared in the Comrades e-zine.

James Lineberger   is a professional playwright and screenwriter.  His poems have been published in Berkeley Poetry Review, The Centennial Review; Coal City Review; Djinni; Exquisite Corpse; Hanging Loose; Hayden's Ferry Review; Mediphors; New York Quarterly; Ontario Review; Oxford Magazine; Pembroke Magazine; Prairie Schooner; Rag Mag; Snake Nation Review;  Sonora Review;  and Verse.

Pooja Mittal   was born and brought up in Nigeria and is now a university student in New Zealand.  Pooja's poems have been published in the literary journals Poetry NZ, JAAM, and Takahe.

Robert Pesich   lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an associate editor for The Montserrat Review and also works as a research associate
studying the genetics of hypertension. His work has appeared in The Bitter Oleander and Rain City Review, among others. New work is forthcoming in Mediphors.

James Reidel   has published poems in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, TriQuarterly, Verse, The New Criterion, Ploughshares, Conjunctions, and other journals and magazines, includingCortland Review, the online journal.  His translations of Thomas Bernhard and Ingeborg Bachmann have appeared in The Greensboro Review, Artful Dodge, and Painted Bride Quarterly. He is the  author of Vanishing Act: The Life and Art of Weldon Kees, which will be published by Story Line Press in early 2001.

David Daniel Stone   is a somewhat reclusive American poet living in the Stanford area, where it's often difficult to maintain a respectable hermitage.

Wendy Videlock   was raised in Arizona.  She graduated from the UofA with a degree in Education.  Wendy has travelled a bit; she lived and taught in Europe for five years, and finally settled on the Back Range of the Colorado Rockies.  She's married and has two small kids.  Her poems  have been published in The Glass Cherry, The Fauquier Journal, and Scatter.  She serves as an occasional judge for the Colorado Poet's Society and facilitates poetry readings on the Western Slope.

Teresa White   is a Seattle native.  She  attended the University of Washington for two years. Her first book of poetry "In What Furnace," (Two Steps Publishing Co.), came out in 1997.  Her second volume of poems is slated for completion in summer 2000.  Teresa has had  approximately 100 poems
published in online journals  including Avatar, Conspire, Eclectica, La Petite Zine, Melic Review, and Octavo.  She was featured poet in Melic's millennium issue and has been nominated for a Pushcart prize.

Ted Williams   has been a graphic designer for more than twenty-five years.  Recently, he began focusing his creative energy on photography, a dream carried since childhood. The world is full of items of vast visual interest, many times unnoticed and unrecorded; Ted is trying to capture a small piece for himself.

Dancing Bear  is the host of a weekly radio show devoted to poetry on public radio station KKUP 91.5 FM in Cupertino. His work can be found in upcoming/current issues of Rattle, NYQ, Rio Grande Review, and Pearl.

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