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The Food Prayer
    God, what is the meaning of/ this minute,/ tell me, I ask you. –Franz Wright

           Asking is always the point, and I don’t want to, though there’s never enough. That must be the subject, then-- the food not here, that is. Hence the desperately needed anything. The way to get it is never easy or this whole account would be a waste. It may be, but I can’t afford to concede. The grass gets longer, tomatoes and basil appear, and TV plays the game; or lets us think so. Think of the clouds that didn’t appear, giving us more sun, like instructions not to complain. That won’t stop me whining, leading to the desire which becomes the center-- the thing I want and can’t avoid. The fact is no end, but a pause; a wayside stop important to notice, like the fruit turning ripe in the bowl on our counter. I can already taste the peaches, sweet as I remember they were, fresh off the tree half a life ago. Yes, I know it was another country, but the memory’s so vivid. I must be on the way,



Barry Silesky
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Besides editing ACM, Barry Silesky has a collection of prose poems from Coffee House Press, and a newer collection that uses verse and prose from Tampa University Press, This Disease, 2007. Additionally he has published biographies of Ferlinghetti and John Gardner. “The Food Prayer” is from a new collection called God and Others.

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