Tony Nozero  © 2010 All Rights Reserved

The Little Ones

Of course there’s
majesty, too,
the broad wings
hanging like dark
kites, but it’s
the little ones
we favor,
a grounded dozen
or so gleaning
frozen crumbs
of suet, seeds,
cinders of bread
hammered free
by the big boys,
a rowdy flurry of
feathers and snow,
the toy-quick
burst and scratch,
though one
tosses himself
in a red flower box
where he stops
and stares,
a puffed up
squat of thought
blending in a
ragged patch
of marigolds.



Roger Pfingston
Copyright © 2010  

Roger Pfingston’s work has appeared recently in Mannequin Envy, Sylvan Echo, Innisfree Poetry Journal and Dos Passos Review. He also has a poem in a new anthology from Holy Cow Press titled Beloved on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief & Gratitude. As a photographer, his work has appeared in recent issues of the Sun and Tattoo Highway.

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