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Day Trip to Vashon with Heather

Noon feels like a nectarine.
You toss it to me underhanded,

just like the girl you once
were, then raise your camera

to shoot the field abloom
in my dress.

Proof! Our troubles
are similar.

We are like that motorhome
posted for sale on the thru road:

Gorgeous inside!

You want your pictures
to make monuments of us;

I want to look serene as a still life
of salt shakers. This

is a Saturday feeling.
Through your lens

sunlight is semaphore blurted
by cedars, messages

I uncrypt easily. They say
the joyful half of hunger

makes eating
our dividend of daytime.

Appetite can hide
in a napkin, a grass spear,

a coffee stain. They say I
am an oven. My heart bakes bread

for a lifetime of lovehandles.
That you will never not love

eating pop rocks off your palm
or losing Seattle in the small

of the sea. Our lives
are livable. Forgivable!

as this breath of island air.




Kate Lebo
Copyright 2010  

Kate Lebo lives in Seattle where she works for the Richard Hugo House, a literary arts center. Her poems have appeared in Crab Creek Review, Smartish Pace, and Filter magazines, and she was awarded a 2010 Soapstone residency. To read more about Kate, visit her blog:

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