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A Thousand Words
        Time is what prevents everything
        from happening at once.
–John Wheeler

In this “participatory universe”
we make our way, fast burning stars, stars
in contraction, through spheres
of what is given, a white dwarf’s
diminishing spin, forbearance of an ox.

Subject to weather, we whirl within
fields of unseen systems, uncanny
familiars in unfamiliar places, ash of atoms
on our skins, no end
but the “faint blue fragment
lapsing” in sight.

And yet – confusion of shoreline,
illusion of frame, black holes
swallowing light, throwing off stars
like sparks from a grindstone –
we are

never the mean but instances,
interactions of verbs,
every word a parable
delivered at the speed of speech,

vectors of sensation
as vulnerable as thought,
definitions that complicate
with valence, variants,

grasshoppers in the envelope.



John Johnson
Copyright © 2010  

John’s poems have appeared in the Comstock Review and Boxcar. He lives in Petaluma, CA, where he works as a physical therapist assistant and teaches fall prevention classes for older adults.

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