Tony Nozero  © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Winter Geese

Sometimes I watch winter geese
veering back through dreams,

wild wings spread
like shadow-puppet hands,

lights above high desert dancing
behind a threadbare sheet.

From unmade beds
and ice-jammed fields, desire
ascends to heaven.

What use is it?

Roof-bound vanes shudder,
unwillingly point northwest

where clouds climb distant mountains,
trailing seed and mist.

Here in the parched morning,
earth swirls into dreadlocks
down an appaloosa’s mane,

and wind rasps out
with a stutter—short of breath—
no answer to my question

put to sun and moon and rain.



Paul Fisher
Copyright © 2010  

Paul Fisher’s manuscript, Rumors of Shore, won the 2009 Blue Light Press Book Award, and will be published this fall. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cave Wall, DMQ Review, Kakalak 2009 Anthology of Carolina Poets, Umbrella Journal and various other publications. A Pacific Northwest expatriate, Paul is the recipient of an Individual Artists Fellowship in Poetry from the Oregon Arts Commission, and currently lives in Nags Head, North Carolina.

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