Tony Nozero  © 2010 All Rights Reserved

Whenever It Rained It Stopped
                             after Robert Chapla's painting Seduction Zone

As if out of the blue
a faint smell of hay and lovers
opening onto a clear view

and from all appearances you arrive
with footsteps on an honest floor
a man with a soft voice passes you
mate and roasted oranges

you hear the tangos of Piazzolla
the man whispers
siempre que llovió paró

and color will become you
as if out of the real world
the blues are deep
the oranges sweet




Train Station

You turn walking
into white camellias

the man legs
into petals

as the train passes
aching at the corners

the brush strokes
in the white

shape taking
nearly transparent

you could almost touch
the negative space



Lenice Cicchini
Copyright © 2010  

Lenice Cicchini lives in Newbury, Vermont. She holds a BA in English from the University of California at Davis. Her poems have been published in the Sierra Journal, Community Endeavor, UP, the Crockett Signal, and the Carquinez Poetry Review.

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