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Standing Alone on Santa Monica Pier in Love with Smallness
   Brian Diamond
Perigee   Jason Tandon
Two Poems   Mark Liebenow
Denial   M. Nasorri Pavone
Two Poems  Brian McGackin
He Calls Her Etsy   Karen Schubert
Dear Gaybashers  Jill McDonough
Making  T. Savoie
Ghazal of the Sharp Knife  Sarah J. Sloat
Why I Stopped Going to the Chiropractor   J.R. Solonche
Isla Mujeres   Angela Narciso Torres
Knowledge   Laura McCullough
And Let God   R.A. Riekki
The Day the Beekeeper Died: Sulaymaniyah   David Sullivan


Featured Poet

E. Ethelbert Miller


From the Ether    Marjorie Manwaring, Editor

From the Archives   Glenda Cooper, November 2003 Issue

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Carol Bennet

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