Carol Bennett   2010 All Rights Reserved


In the chalk-blue light
of an enormous moon

we let our bodies sink 
what feels like fathoms

into a stratum of glacial cold.
The palms of our feet

graze white granite.


A loon shuffles off a bulrush island
into deeper waters.

What sounds like a parent
wailing over a lost child

is a call to diminish distance:
Here I am, come.

Here I am, come.



Jason Tandon
Copyright 2010  

Jason Tandon is the author of Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt (Black Lawrence, 2009), winner of the 2006 St. Lawrence Book Award, and Wee Hour Martyrdom (sunnyoutside, 2008). His poetry and reviews have recently appeared in the Boston Review, Bellingham Review, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, Verse Daily, and on The Writer's Almanac.


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