Susannah Habecker  © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Just After Seven

I step into our room
to grab a sweater –
the light is already fading
you have pulled the blinds

I pause and notice

the fiber of dark –
how it remembers
all the hours we’ve spent here
lying in half curled positions

It holds the filaments of whisper
absorbs the way you tell me
“remember, I’m here”
right before you drift off

we both know
you can’t enter the dreams
of my own dying
or feel the way night wraps
itself in tight bands
around the tourniquet of dawn

but the blackness knows –
stares at me
tells me
all I have is your
steady breath

It is enough
even when I am certain,
every lamp on earth
is broken

It is enough
until I find warmer nights
feel the fabric
atone for this
crumbling citadel
of bleeding light



Connie Post
Copyright © 2009  

Connie Post served as the Poet Laureate of Livermore, California, from May 2005 to June 2009. Her poetry has been published in Kalliope, Comstock Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, Cold Mountain Review, Main Street Rag, RiverSedge, California Quarterly, and the Toronto Quarterly. She was the winner of the Spring 2009 Dirty Napkin Cover Prize.

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