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Our father the keeper
   Chrissy Rikkers
Two Poems   James Reidel
Two Poems   William Hudson
A Day's Brief Accounting   Mercedes Lawry
Two Poems  Ronda Broatch
Sotto Voce   Kim Kessaris
Yearbook  Peter Joseph Gloviczki
Coffee  Lisa Fay Coutley
Thalassophobia  Arlene Ang
Two Poems   Gary L. McDowell
Two Poems   Laurel Bastian
Two Poems   Liz Robbins
Dead President   Amorak Huey
Two Poems   Chris Young
Salt Lick   Nell Stanton


Featured Poet

Denise Duhamel


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor-in-chief

From the Archives   Brian Clements, August 2004 Issue

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Charles Farrell

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