Charles Farrell   © 2010 All Rights Reserved

By the River

I came upon two geese
caught in mid-startle,

orange-billed, stark white
against that dark scrim of willows.

Bolt-alert and wall-eyed, downstream
current’s steel sheen rippling

at their back; they might
have been posed,

waiting for pen
or lens or trigger.


Dawn at Yellow Point

First, the light.

Then the strokes
of light pattern
and re-pattern




         drybrush again

lap and
near and

as birds
wake, chittering.



William Hudson
Copyright © 2010  

William Hudson was born in Arkansas, grew up there and in Illinois, lives now in Spokane, where he works for a community action agency. He has appeared in the Caribbean Writer, Review Americana, Shaking Like A Mountain, the Other Journal, and elsewhere.

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