Philip Rosenthal  © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Naked Air

Maybe looking in the wrong place
the hologram come-and-gone glint just above
            the dragonfly’s wing
                                           the old woman’s voice cracked porcelain
                                                        the girl’s freesia and rain
Maybe underground
            the earthworm’s rummage through the roots

The white curtain breathes out
                                                        the dark blue window
Stones lighten the masons’ Spanish whistle-songs
Bay and madrone blaze and extinguish late
                                    afternoon across the creek canyon
From the deck redwood’s long limbs
            trail spider strands

Maybe the re-leaf
                                    branches adagio
                                                            and lentissimo
Under the invisible baton
                        sky a backlit reliquary lucent with red-shouldered

and the scissor glitter of swifts
                                Maybe a shadow hiding behind
                    a shadow


Carolyn Dille
Copyright © 2009

Carolyn Dille’s poems have been finalists in the Poetry Society of America Emily Dickinson Award, Many Mountains Moving and The Sow’s Ear Review. For her poetry and her collaborative work with an artist, she has been awarded Artist Residency fellowships by the Jentel Foundation. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and leads workshops and retreats in writing, creative awareness and meditation practices in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.

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