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House Built on a Hillside

The floors are very steep. Furniture collects at one end. People rise from armchairs once a day: a journey to the kitchen must be planned hours in advance. The grocery list consists of spherical foods: oranges, cans, the occasional hot dog. The strongest of the family grips a doorknob and rolls meals down in courses. Mice skid whiskers-first. Someone’s back always shoves against the wall. At night, the adults peep around the corner of the television, glimpse news. Children play magnetic board games. Pictures hang always at an angle, revealing sides of landscapes never before seen. Tragedies occur: a chandelier repels. A table knocks a guest into the fireplace. A statue throws itself at the mother.

Jordan Sanderson
Copyright © 2006


JORDAN SANDERSON lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His poems have appeared in several journals, including the Pedestal Magazine, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Parthenon West Review, Muses Apprentice Guild, and the strange fruit. Jordans chapbook, The Last Hedonist, is forthcoming from Pudding House Press.

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